Young Lawyers’ Evening With Y.C.Maikyau, S.A.N.

Young Lawyers’ Evening With Y.C.Maikyau, S.A.N.

After a successful and well attended hangout with lawyers on Sunday, the 24th of October, 2021 at the ongoing Nigerian Bar Association Annual General Conference; Senior Advocate of Nigeria, Yakubu Maikyau is hosting another special hangout, today 25th October at 7pm.

However, this time, the hangout is specially for young lawyers.

A brief message from the learned Silk made available to TML newsdesk reads:

I thank everyone who made out time to join me at the hangout last night, may I specially request the presence of the Young Lawyers of our Association, the future of the Bar, to today’s hang out : “ Young Lawyers evening with Y.C.Maikyau SAN ” 
Time: 7pm
Venue: Friendship Center
Date: 25th Oct. 2021

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