Y.C. Maikyau, SAN: Beyond The Hangouts, Beyond The Fun! By Hussaini Hussaini

Y.C. Maikyau, SAN: Beyond The Hangouts, Beyond The Fun! By Hussaini Hussaini

I recently wrote an article titled “A Young Lawyers Meet-up with YC Maikyau, SAN” in which I chronicled my engagements, recounting the bit I know about the learned SAN, YC Maikyau and all the positive vibes he disseminated every single time I met him which has lingered, remaining in my memory since the first time we met several years ago. READ HERE

The reaction to my article was spontaneous! Several confirmatory responses sprung up from friends and acquaintances online and offline. One of the remarks was: “He allowed me to come to his chambers and shadow some of the lawyers for about a month”. That was one! Another said: “But you omitted the free assorted lunch in the office that always entice all the counsel back to the Chambers after court hearings.” That was two! I don’t think this article can contain the positive responses I received on that article.

The remarks were just a tip of an iceberg compared to the encomiums, pictures and videos that flooded my various social media platforms from various conferees celebrating their pleasant experiences with Mr. Maikyau SAN at the recently concluded NBA hybrid AGC, 2021 held in Port Harcourt. Regrettably, I attended the conference virtually but kept up with every update by my fellow young lawyers made about their meet-ups with Mr. Maikyau SAN at the AGC in Port Harcourt.

I could almost hear them saying, “hey you Hussaini, you missed!”. Well, even if that was the case, I am glad that other fellow young lawyers get to have the “YC” experience. In fact, I ended my previous article thus: “If Mr. Maikyau would invite me to his desk every day, I will be happy to grace it. I would similarly advise my fellow young lawyers to be ambitious, explore mentorship opportunities and strive to discover their “Maikyau” wherever he is and hold on tight. Don’t get me wrong, I will be happy to share mine.”

Reflecting on the two remarks sampled above, it is crystal clear that Mr. Maikyau SAN has been a supportive senior to young lawyers and even interns in his office. He also cares about his staff welfare and is open to having fun that dear life offers. There is a lot to celebrate as a young lawyer about all the “YC” meet-ups and hangouts he offered to the young members of the profession. However, from the above testimonies and my personal experience, the learned SAN supports the professional development and the emotional wellbeing of young lawyers around him.

It is right to state that Mr. Maikyau, SAN comes naturally as a “complete package” of a mentor that every young lawyer should look forward to have.

It should not be surprising that I am so emphatic about young lawyers because it is the constituency to which I belong and having found such a great mentor in Mr. Maikyau SAN, it will only be caring if I share.

However, regardless of one’s age at the bar, it is unlikely that there is someone who will refuse associating with a friendly, focus driven, cheerful, and down to earth outstanding person like Mr. Maikyau SAN.



Hussaini Hussaini is a Partner at El-Rufai Attorneys at Law who writes from Abuja and can be reached via hussaini@elrufaiattorneys.com.

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