Women Lawyers Challenge Men Folk To Champion Campaign Against Violence

Women Lawyers Challenge Men Folk To Champion Campaign Against Violence

Activities marking the Annual law week of the International Federation of Women Lawyers, (FIDA) Delta State branch has begun in Asaba with a call on their male counterparts to be leading champions in the fight against all forms of violence against women and children.

This was part of one of the recommendations put forward by Honourable Justice T.O Uloho while delivering her keynote address on the topic of the 2021 Delta FIDA Law Week celebration “A Critical Analysis of the Role of the VAPP Law in the Actualization of the Rights of Women and Children in Delta State” held at the NBA Secretariat, Asaba on Monday.

The event which attracted prominent women Lawyers from across the State and female judicial Officers was also attended by Chike Onyenemem SAN, Mr. John Aikpokpo-Martins, 1st Vice President of the Nigerian Bar Association and Mr. Peter Itsueli who were discussants at the event and other stakeholders.

Justice Uloho posited that the issue of violence against women and children has always been the bane of women, championing the cause and calling for its eradication. “The State Government, NGOs, Voluntary Organizations and institutions should call on the male folks to champion the cause on violence against women and children. Perhaps, this may make a wild difference when male folks talk to their own kind or gender” Justice Uloho said.

While saying that despite the fact that the Violence Against Persons Prohibition Law, 2020 (VAPP law) as domesticated by the Delta  State Government which set out to eradicate violence against women and children, provide remedies to victims of violence and punishment to offenders, Justice Uloho however differs that the law itself, was not sufficient enough to tackle the menace.

She postulated that in order for the objectives and the provisions of the VAPP law on the issues of violence on women and children to be effectively realized, the state government should take further proactive steps to provide and safeguard a secured and safe environment for women and children.

“For every violence carried out against women or children, there is a victim who is a survivor. The victims, the families and state are affected. This comes with economic consequences as failure of the Government to address these issues could lead to economic cost or consequences in the future” said Uloho.

Earlier, the Chairperson of Delta FIDA, Stellamaris Mejulu Esq. in her welcome remarks, disclosed that the 2020 lockdown and restrictions occasioned by the COVID-19 pandemic largely amplified incidence of domestic violence, rape, defilement and other harmful crimes perpetrated against women and children.

She said in order to prevent the escalation of these sad occurrences, the delta state government domesticated the VAPP Law in 2020 which according to her provided a legislative and legal framework to confront all forms of violence against vulnerable persons especially women and girls.

She said the law also prohibs all forms of harmful traditional practices including female circumcision, or genital mutilation, forceful ejection from home and harmful widowhood practices.

Other speakers who delivered goodwill messages at the event including Chike Onyenemem, SAN, Commissioner for Lands, Chief Mrs. Kate Onianwa, Functional Solicitor-General of the State, Mr. Omamuzo Erebe, Asaba NBA Chairman, Augustine Eseagwu, the Chairperson of NAWOJ, Pat Gbemudu and the representatives of the Police all commended Delta FIDA for their untiring efforts in giving voice to the voiceless and for protecting the rights of the vulnerable in society.

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