Why A Church Wedding Is Not Necessary In Nigeria By Temi Iwalaiye

Why A Church Wedding Is Not Necessary In Nigeria By Temi Iwalaiye

With churches giving outrageous demands before allowing a couple to get married, here’s why you can absolutely ditch a church.

Here’s why a church wedding is not entirely necessary.

Although, we know that the church and the bible frowns at premarital sex, it’s no news many couples have sex before marriage and even get pregnant before getting married.

In turn, they face scrutiny and ridicule from the church. While it’s important to belong to a local church and get married in one, it’s not necessary, especially after the ‘mistake’ has been made.

Many people want the pastoral blessings that come with getting married in a church and essentially under the auspices of God, but you can get married anywhere else and have a minister officiate. It doesn’t have to be in a church building.

The Marriage Act in operation in Nigeria only recognises two marriages; Traditional marriage and marriage under the Act.

What we call a church wedding oftentimes isn’t legal, especially if the church gives you its own certificate, which holds no weight in court, it’s a void marriage. It means you didn’t get married at all under the law.

A church wedding is legal when the church is a licensed place of worship, which means they are authorized by law to conduct a marriage and give you a certificate identical to what you would get at a marriage registry.

You can go to the local government office in your area and after filling some documentation, publishing your intention to get married and bringing witnesses, you can get married after some months.

Plus, Nigerians go to the marriage registry to sign papers and still go to church to sign the same papers. It’s entirely unnecessary.

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