What Being a Female Lawyer is Really Like?

What Being a Female Lawyer is Really Like?

Even though it is highly unlikely that you will ever find a profession as popular on the silver screen as that of the lawyer, it is quite surprising how little we know about them in real life. Sure, TV shows may try to mimic our reality, but they cannot show absolutely everything. For example, even though there are a lot of female characters (and even protagonists) in these shows as well, they usually don’t focus on what it is like to be a female lawyer. So, here is a bit of insight on this topic that we hope you will find valuable.

Biases are Getting Less and Less Prominent

Like in any profession, it is true that there are still some biases in the world of law that make it difficult for women to succeed. However, in the last decade things are really starting to look up. A lot of major law firms such as Law SB are seriously investing in diversity which is why there are more opportunities for advancement than there ever was before. Even though there are some bright examples such as the one just mentioned, what you need to understand is that there are still some major difficulties.

Law School Is Only a First Step

Now, there are some things that are pretty much universal for both male and female lawyers and one of them is that law school can only take you so far. Sure, this first step is supposed to work as a foundation to all your future work. As you can probably tell, things that you learn in a classroom are not necessarily valid in the courtroom, but only experience can fill one in on this. Furthermore, each state has its own separate laws and you will not necessarily be familiar with all of them. For example, filing for divorce in California is one thing and there are certain differences a lawyer will have to compensate for if she is to represent a client in this state.

Great Community

Next, the thing that really distinguishes female lawyers is that they tend to stick together more than males do. Sure, there are always those who see all others as a competition and would rather get disbarred than give a fellow lawyer a genuine piece of advice, but in the female world those examples are much less likely. For example, if a female lawyer was to be faced with filing for divorce in Oregon, which she knew little about, it is highly likely that a friendly female lawyer from Oregon would help her out. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out how this person will be more willing to help someone in the future than one who had to fend for herself the entire time.

Starting One’s Own Practice

Another universal truth is that if a woman decides to start her own law firm, she will have to learn as much about running the business as you know about the law. Here, the selection of employees, business management and of course budget management matter as much as her courtroom abilities do. Sure, it is always easier to just work for someone else, but the easiest way is not always the right one. If one does succeed here, it would turn out to be much more lucrative than any advocacy ever could.


Unfortunately, in some environments there are still some traditional beliefs rooted deeply in the lawyer community and if we are being honest, it is still easier to be a male lawyer than a female one. However, this only makes it more of a challenge and more of an achievement in the end. On the other hand, succeeding as a lawyer is never easy, male or female and only few are meant to really make it. When the going gets tough the tough get going.

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