Tribunal Judgment: We’re Not Ready To Embrace Tech In Judicial System – Ubani

Tribunal Judgment: We’re Not Ready To Embrace Tech In Judicial System – Ubani



Monday Ubani, a former second vice president Nigerian Bar As­sociation (NBA) and chair­man of the NBA Section on Public Interest and Devel­opment Law (SPIDEL), has said that it is unfortunate that the Nigerian judicial system is not ready to em­brace technology.

In a chat with the Daily Independent on the rejec­tion of the request by the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) presidential candi­date in the just concluded 2023 presidential election, Atiku Abubakar’s request for the televising of the court proceedings by the Presidential Election Tri­bunal Court (PETC).

He said, “It is unfortu­nate, we are still not ready to embrace technology in our judicial system because of the argument that it will turn the court into a foot­ball stadium. How does in­formation sharing turn the court into a stadium? It is the kind of mentality that we have which is why when other nations are bringing ICT into the legal system, we’re still battling with ev­erything manual.

“I’m not surprised that the court took that position. I know that one day things will be corrected.

“The conservativeness of law where we borrowed it from, that is Britain, things have changed there. If you go to Britain and America you’ll see that they are more open, everyone participates in court proceedings.

“The other time when the House of Lord gave judg­ment on political issues we watched it live. We are still very scared about opening up the system here, maybe because of vested interest.

“Technology is advanc­ing; anyone still thinking that we are in the 17th cen­tury should know that tech­nology has taken over. Every second there is one innova­tion or the other.

“We cannot afford to re­main behind; we cannot afford to be making argu­ments of the 17th century in the 21st century because technology has broken all barriers

“The world is dissemi­nating information by the second. Everyone wants to know what is happening; there is much participation of the people in the process.

“It is good that a move has been made by a party to a suit for televised proceed­ings. I’m sure that they’ll get to the Supreme Court. We’ll also see what the Supreme Court will do regarding the matter.”

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