Sheath your swords, SAN Begs Warring Communities In Cross River

Sheath your swords, SAN Begs Warring Communities In Cross River

A Senior Advocate of Nigeria, Joe Agi, has waded into the communal clashes between Yabu and Ogoho villages in Yala Local Government Area of Cross River State with a plea for them to embrace peace.

The former governorship contender noted that the crisis was unnecessary following the wave of kidnappings and killings engulfing the entire country.

Agi, while appealing to traditional rulers to beg their subjects to sheath their swords, said the battle was already taking a toll on the image of Yala and, by extension, economic fortunes of the two villages.

He stressed that it was irresponsible for the communities which hitherto lived peacefully to resort to wanton destruction of lives and property because of a piece of land.

Moved by his plea, the Ogamode Agaji Ipuole and Ogamode Ogbaji Ipuole of Yabu and Ogoho communities, cautioned the communities to return to the path of peace, and contribute their quota to the building of a peaceful society.

The traditional rulers appealed to them to give peace a chance with a reminder that no tangible development could thrive in an atmosphere of chaos and war.

In addition, Declan Ochieche, who represented the Clan Head of Omaha Clan thanked Chief Agi for the swift intervention, appreciating his tireless efforts to ensure that peace returned to the disputed communities.

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