Reinstated Ekiti Chief Hails Judiciary for Defending the Poor

Reinstated Ekiti Chief Hails Judiciary for Defending the Poor

Following his reinstatement after being deposed by Ewi of Ado Ekiti, Oba Rufus Adeyemo Adejugbe, the Edemo of Ado Ekiti, Chief James Bamidele Aduloju, has described the Nigerian judicial system as very strong and reliable.

Aduloju said the manner of his reinstatement was a testimonial that there is still true justice in the country.

The reinstated chief, who described the judiciary as the last hope of the common man, said the people, irrespective of their status and background, can still get the justice they deserve in Nigerian courts of law.

He stated this after a Thanksgiving service held at The Christ The King Catholic Church, Ado Ekiti, for his reinstatement as the Edemo of Ado Ekiti, by the Supreme Court.

The apex court had in May 2021 reversed the action taken by Ewi of Ado Ekiti, Oba Adejugbe, who removed Aduloju as Edemo of Ado Ekiti, and installed one Dayo Fajemilua as replacement.

The court in the judgment delivered by Justice Samuel Oseji affirmed Chief Aduloju as the authentic Edemo of Ado Ekiti, and declared as a nullity “the nomination and appointment of Dayo Fajemilua as Edemo of Ado-Ekiti by the Ewi of Ado during the pendency of a court action.”

Speaking further on the country’s judicial system, Aduloju said: “There is true justice in Nigeria; I believe in this so much, as my own case is a testimonial.

“I don’t have anybody there, and I don’t know anyone there. They thought I will go and come back in disappointment, but God was there for me.

“All the judges put their heads together and critically looked into the case, and declared me the authentic Edemo of Ado Ekiti.”

Aduloju, who noted that the case started in 2010, said he was only trying to protect what belongs to his father’s house and didn’t disrespect the tradition.

He expressed hope that the monarch would welcome him back to the palace soon with open arms.

“Ewi is my father and the father of all Ado Ekiti people. When a child had issues with his father, the child will go begging and the father will forgive him,” he added.


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