Nigerian Judges Set to Use A.I. in Justice Delivery, with LawPavilion

Nigerian Judges Set to Use A.I. in Justice Delivery, with LawPavilion
As Judges all over the country once again look forward to the Biennial Judges Conference set to hold in Abuja, LawPavilion Business Solutions, will be showcasing its new Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) System geared towards Smart Justice Delivery.
According to the company’s MD/CEO, Ope Olugasa, these solutions and new features have been specially designed for Judges, using A.I. and emerging technologies, in what the company termed ‘Smart Justice Delivery, Using A.I.’.
While speaking to the Press last Saturday, Olugasa shared insights into how using A.I., Nigerian Judges can now easily review and evaluate Counsel’s Written Addresses and submissions in seconds. The new solution, A.I. Document Review, is also capable of identifying a Judge’s previous judgements on similar issues, making adjudication easier and faster, without Judges having to always reinvent the wheel in deciding each matter before them. Also, in the solution is an enhanced Appellate Feedback System for Judges (AFSJ), which enables High Court Judges to know how their judgements have fared at the appellate courts. Olugasa also spoke extensively on the introduction of Personalised Law Reporting for High Court Judges, using A.I. Modelling and Profiling. He emphasised that, the solution would enable Judges to preserve their legacies on the Bench through technology.
Olugasa went on to speak about how the company’s deep understanding of Nigeria’s infrastructural peculiarities, led them to develop a WhatsApp enabled E-Filing solution that allows Counsel to file their processes in court, even with minimal internet connectivity using WhatsApp. According to him, “speedy filing equals swift access to justice”. He invited the Judiciary to answer the call for an accelerated access to justice in Nigeria, through the LawPavilion E-Registry integrated with E-Filing and E-Service on WhatsApp. He described the solution as Nigeria’s first virtual end-to-end E-Registry System with WhatsApp enabled E-Filing, E-Payment and E-Service.
In his statement, he stated that the solutions are made by Nigerians for Nigerians, to help solve some of the challenges facing the country’s justice sector. With these solutions, Olugasa concluded, LawPavilion underscores its undying passion for and commitment to accelerating access to justice through technology in Nigeria and across Africa.

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