NBA President, Others Extol Virtues Of Retiring Kogi State High Court Judge, Alaba Omolaye- Ajileye (Ph.D.)

NBA President, Others Extol Virtues Of Retiring Kogi State High Court Judge, Alaba Omolaye- Ajileye (Ph.D.)

The President of the Nigerian Bar Association, Yakubu Chonoko Maikyau, OON, SAN has extolled the virtues of Hon. Justice Alaba Omolaye-Ajileye (Ph.D) when he delivered a goodwill message at the Public Lecture organized by the Rule of Law Development Foundation in honour of the renowned jurist.

Speaking of the celebrant, Maikyau said, “I first met my lord Ajileye in 2015 at a training. The humility and simplicity of his lordship struck me and since then I became his younger brother. I realised there that with the depth of knowledge my lord possessed, he should have been the resource person, at that training in my view. I also recall the book my lord wrote on electronic evidence and this was my comment on it…This book provides the required refreshment to the fundamentals of the Law of Evidence and approaches the otherwise gray subject of admissibility of electronic evidence with such simplicity and lucidity that make the book a veritable tool in the hands of all students of Law, practitioners, Judicial Officers and even non-lawyers. The effort is trail-blazing and highly commendable.

“I am sure the refreshment was present today when my lord delivered his talk on the book. This is part of the retirement process of my lord on the Kogi State High Court Bench, but I pray that my lord is elevated to the Court of Appeal between now and the 15th of February so that we would not be robbed of the knowledge we get from his experience in electronic evidence. The help of God is not far from you, my lord and all of this is a show of the grace of God in your life.”

He noted how the celebrant, Hon Justice Alaba Omolaye-Ajileye has applied the law in judgements delivered by him and urged that the knowledge in the work which the judge had brought to improve on the administration of justice be shared.

Also speaking at the event, Prof Ernest Ojukwu, SAN appreciated the President of the NBA for honouring their classmate who is retiring. He said Justice Ajileye has contributed greatly to the legal profession in the aspect of electronic evidence. “I actually pushed him to do the next edition of his book within weeks of publishing the first book,” he revealed.

“I told him, section 84 of the Evidence Act 2011 has created more problems than it has solved. Our regret is that my lord has not been elevated to the Court of Appeal. But we will still benefit from him despite his retirement.”

The public lecture which had as its theme, “The A-Z of the Regime of Electronic Evidence in Nigeria” was organised by the Rule of Law Development Foundation founded by J. B Daudu, SAN and Past President of the NBA and chaired by Hon. Justice Hussein B. Yusuf, the Chief Judge of the FCT High Court.


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