Maikyau, SAN Sends Heartfelt Appreciation Message As He Marks Birthday With Orphans In Kebbi [PHOTOS]

Maikyau, SAN Sends Heartfelt Appreciation Message As He Marks Birthday With Orphans In Kebbi [PHOTOS]

Overwhelmed with joy at the outpouring of goodwill to him, Y. C. Maikyau SAN who celebrated his birthday and wedding anniversaries on Sunday, the 6th of February, penned down a heartfelt appreciation to his family, friends and fans all over the world for celebrating him.

Indeed, the blogosphere and entire social media was agog with good wishes for the legal icon who has over the years, warmed the hearts of many due to his great and unique virtues of humility, selflessness, kindness, sincerity, generosity and discipline.

Read his appreciation message below….

“My joy knows no bounds! Words seem insufficient to express how thankful I am, for the avalanche of goodwill I received today – my birthday. Though overwhelming, the love and sincerity couldn’t be lost;I felt it in the airwaves, literally could touch and see the love in the messages and calls as they poured in. It was simply awesome! Never felt so loved like I did today. You all made it happen and I say a very Big THANK YOU.

“The kind words left me wondering if they were actually about me; I sure don’t deserve all the encomiums save for the grace of God and the benevolence of your kind hearts. I say thank you all. I do not, will not take it for granted and I owe you a debt of gratitude. I pray that the good Lord; the Almighty God, reward your labour of support and love towards me according to the integrity of His Heart.

“This year and beyond, holds a lot for all of us, both as Lawyers and as Nigerians. It is our collective and purposeful resolve to move our dear Country forward that will guarantee our access into the fullness of God’s goodness that lies ahead of us. We do have what it takes to recover, reform and reposition our Nation.

“I wish you all a great week ahead, a blessed month, a wonderful year (2022) and beyond! Thank you again!!

“I remain sincerely yours,
Y.C Maikyau, SAN

The learned silk who spent the day in his home state, Kebbi found time to visit the indigent at a local orphanage there, bearing gifts and playing with the children for hours, before leaving.


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