Impersonation: Fake Commissioner Of Police, Lawyer Arrested In Lagos

Impersonation: Fake Commissioner Of Police, Lawyer Arrested In Lagos


An elderly man identified as Emmanuel Nwagu, who was said to have claimed to be a Commissioner of Police, has been apprehended at the Lagos State Command.

The suspect who was dressed in a Commissioner of Police uni­form was said to also possess an identity card when he appeared at the command, purportedly to secure the release of a detained suspect.

Nwagu was paraded among other suspects on Monday by the command’s Police Public Rela­tion Officer (PPRO), SP Benja­min Hundeyin, who stated that the incident occurred on Septem­ber 2, at about 4: 40 p.m. when the suspect visited the police prem­ises and introduced himself as a Commissioner of Police.

The Police image maker not­ed that immediately the suspect introduced himself as a Com­missioner of Police, the officers at the command fully regarded him as such, but upon question­ing, he was discovered to be an impersonator.

“He was immediately arrest­ed and a search was conducted at his abode and a Deputy Commis­sioner of Police warrant card, an Assistant Commissioner of Police warrant card, Kenwood walkie-talkie, a police camou­flage singlet, and a fez cap were recovered.

“Investigation has revealed that he had been doing it for long and only God knows how many people he has duped with such fake identity. We are happy that he has been arrested. He would be arraigned in court soon,” he said.

Hundeyin further stated that the command had arrested twelve suspects including the man who claimed to be a Com­missioner of Police.

“We have cases of imperson­ation, defilement, robbery, and drug dealing. We also recovered arrays of guns.”

Meanwhile, one Ibrahim Bel­lo was also arrested for being pa­rading himself as a lawyer at the Epe High/Magistrate Court for several years.

The fake Lawyer was arrested after receiving a complaint from the Nigerian Bar Association, Epe Branch against the suspect.

The police spokesperson said detectives from the command ar­rested the suspect who was fully dressed as a lawyer in court.

He was brought in for ques­tioning where he was discovered to be an impersonator. Recovered from the suspect include law books, gowns, and some other things, he was also going to court to represent innocent people who didn’t know him.

“The fake Lawyer was arrest­ed in court in robe, presenting him to be a lawyer in the com­munity before he was eventually arrested.”

While speaking with the journalists, the fake Commis­sioner of Police and the lawyer explained what led them to their actions.

Nwagu said it is true that he is not a policeman. “The com­missioner of police’s Identity card was given to him by the op­eratives of the Rapid Response Squad who came to guard the hotel where he is working.

“I was the only one the ID card was given to; the RRS operatives gave it to me so that whenever po­lice wanted to harass me I should show it to them, the police shirt was also given to me to wear.

“I was also given a police cap to protect myself from harass­ment. The walkie-talkie belongs to the church where I work now; it’s not mine. I paid the RRS Po­liceman to produce it for me, everything was given to me last year.

“I have not used the CP identi­ty card before anywhere else, ex­cept when a vehicle inspection officer impounded my car. Then I told them I was a retired CP, yet I was taken to their office and my vehicle was booked.”

He added that when he got to the VIO Office they told him they didn’t see him as an officer. But he was later released to go after paying his fine.

“On the fateful day I was ar­rested, I came to the command to secure the release of someone who was arrested. That was how I was nabbed for impersonating the commissioner of police; I re­gretted my actions.”

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