I Am Leaving Behind A Better Judiciary In Edo – CJ

I Am Leaving Behind A Better Judiciary In Edo – CJ

The Chief Judge of Edo, Joe Acha, on Friday says he is leaving behind a better judiciary system in the state.

Acha stated this as part of his retirement visit to Auchi Medium Security Correctional Centre.

“I am retiring on June 19 and I am leaving behind a robust, motivated and ICT driven Edo judiciary,” he said.

Acha, who did not set any inmate free in the facility, said he visited the centre to review some cases which were pending during his last visit in February.

“I have today made sure that there is prompt follow-up from where we stopped. The last time I visited; especially in respect of inmates whose cases could not be concluded because additional information or update was required.

“Today’s visit shall obviously not be as extensive as the last time, given that we only just recently attended to a very elaborate list of all the detainees in the various custodial centres across Edo,” he said.

Acha said that he had put in place a mechanism to ensure prompt jail delivery exercise to ensure that no one is kept in the facility a day longer than necessary.

“My administration has always been very passionate about jail delivery exercises.

“My administration has, in line with our avowed commitment to promote this statutory obligation, strived to sustain this tradition and ensure that no one is kept in this facility a day longer than absolutely necessary,” he said.

The chief justice thanked members of the Administration of Criminal Justice Monitoring Committee, the bar and benchers for their support in ensuring a better judiciary.

Earlier, the Assistant Controller, Auchi Command of the Nigerian Correctional Services (NCS), Kingsley Ebare, commended the chief judge for his regular visit to correctional facilities in the state.

“I want to commend the chief judge for his regular visit to our facility. This regular visit had helped in review of cases from capital charges to lesser charges,” Ebare said.

He appealed to Acha to help the Centre to liaise with the state government for assistance in the area of logistics and medical care for inmates.

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