Firm Unveils Website For Digital Legal Resources

Firm Unveils Website For Digital Legal Resources, a new website designed to provide legal resources to the legal community in Nigeria, has officially launched. The website offers a subscription-based model for access to its comprehensive library of digital judgements, legal documents, automation tools, law practice management tools, and materials for lawyers, and study guides for law students. It also offers free resources for non-subscribers.

According to the founders of the site, stands out from other digital platforms with its competitive pricing, offering more for less through its community knowledge sharing, process automators, personalised diaries, and study companions for law school students. It is a one-stop resource for Nigerian law practitioners, researchers, and students.

“Our mission is to make legal resources easily accessible and available on demand for the Nigerian legal community and we have assembled a team of technology and legal research experts to deliver on our mission,” they said.

The founders explained that in addition to providing access to judgements of courts, including the judgements of the West African Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court of Nigeria, offers other useful modules such as automators and checklists.

“The website is also committed to promoting legal education in Nigeria, with a dedicated section for law students that provides access to resources that will help them in their studies and research.

“We believe that will be a game-changer for the Nigerian legal community. Our website offers a comprehensive set of

digital legal tools and resources that will help lawyers and law students be more efficient, effective, and productive,” they said.

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