Ex-NBA President, Agbakoba Advises Nigerians To Resist Interim Government

Ex-NBA President, Agbakoba Advises Nigerians To Resist Interim Government



A former president of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) Olisa Agbakoba, has waded into the ongoing discussion regarding the alleged plot by some key political players to scuttle democracy and install interim government in the country.

The DSS had in a recent statement raised the alarm over the alleged plot and vowed never to allow such a thing to happen in the country.

Interim government claim became very popular following the conduct of the 2023 general elections which saw the emergence of Bola Ahmed Tinubu of All Progressives Congress (APC) as the President-elect.

However, Labour Party’s Peter Obi and Atiku Abubakar of Peoples Democratic Party, had rejected the outcome of the process on the ground of obvious irregularities and approached the court to seek redress.

Agbakoba, in a statement issued on Thursday in respect of the development, said the alleged interim government plot was unconstitutional.

The legal luminary advocated blatant rejection of the alleged move and cautioned aggrieved candidates to allow the judiciary decide on the petitions they had filed.

Agbakoba said: “It is shocking to learn from the Department of State Security that secret plans are underway to undermine Nigeria’s democratic process and transition, by arrangements of what is described as an interim government. This will be a major set-back and we must all resist.

“I suggest that the gravest possible consequences must be applied to all who are associated with this treasonable intent. The general elections have been held, albeit under the most challenging circumstances. But a president- elect has emerged and we must respect and accept this as fact.

“At least for now. All leading Presidential candidates have approached the courts with grounds of complaint concerning what they consider as electoral irregularities. If the presidential candidates have accepted the democratic process by lodging petitions before the courts, then it is very difficult to understand on what basis anyone considers that an interim government is a viable and legal alternative. We must all reject this nonsense and respect our Constitution, which has no provision for interim arrangements.

“As the President – elect is sworn into office on May 29, the Judicial process will ultimately render a decision. As Nigerians, we must turn to the Courts to render a decision on the petitions before them. The Judicial process will certainly carry a huge responsibility in the process of democratic consolidation. The notion of the contraption referred to as interim government, has no place in our lives and our constitution. WE MUST ALL SAY NO!”

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