Emulate Christ, Sacrifice For Our Dear Nation, The Legal Profession – Nyada Auta

Emulate Christ, Sacrifice For Our Dear Nation, The Legal Profession – Nyada Auta

Now that Easter Sunday is upon us, we celebrate love for mankind, we celebrate victory over death and we celebrate resurrection.

Resurrection with all its spiritual implications assure us that we have a new life in Christ and this is the foundation of my belief; it is the direction and guidance that I have gotten through the death of Jesus Christ. My life has more meaning now that I have been able to understand the reason for his death.

The day of Easter reminds us of the new things that have arrived through the Resurrection of the Son of God. Easter reminds us of the fact that we need to be renewed in our mind, body, and spirit. Easter reminds us of chastity, renewed vigour and hope.

It is my belief that this Easter period  will give us the opportunity to reflect on how we can follow through with the teachings  of Jesus Christ, first off, in our relationship with God and then secondly, in our relationship with our fellow human beings. It is on this conviction that I therefore call on  all Nigerians particularly Legal Practitioners, to use this season to self evaluate their lives, to take stock and eschew all forms of conducts that are capable of bringing our dear noble profession to public opprobrium.

God has shown us that he is filled with forgiveness and love for everyone; and I am sure this love has spread to you, your family, the Bar, and Nigeria at large. I hope this Easter gives your life the meaning it deserves, the opportunity to further live in the true essence of the Almighty and bring to you renewed strength and spiritual support to pull you through the year.

This Easter, I call on all to emulate Christ and sacrifice something for our dear Nation, the legal Profession, for your families and for yourselves.

On this day of Easter, I pray that the Lord will bless you all, and your  family with renewed power and blessings. Happy Easter
Nyada Auta

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