African Law Students’ Association (ALSA) Unveils Her Certificate Programmes

African Law Students’ Association (ALSA) Unveils Her Certificate Programmes

The African Law Students’ Association (ALSA) School of Legal Studies has unveiled her Law Certificate programmes to the general public.

Interested lawyers, law students and general public who are interested in law certificate programmes can apply by visiting alsaonline .

Further enquiries can be made by sending an email to or Whatsapp +2348035469357.

The programme is for legal education purpose and to educate lawyers, law students and non-lawyers on the introductory aspects of law and general view of law.

Available Programmes

1. Mediation for 21st Century Lawyer
2. Arbitration
3. Negotiation
4. Pharmacy Law
5. Peace Building and Management
6. Banking Law
7. Conciliation
8. Mediation
9. Legal Research
10. Human Rights Law
11. Maritime Law
12. Corporate Law
13. Law of Evidence
14. Copyrights Law
15. Oil & Gas Law
16. Family Law
17. Criminal Law
18. Employment Law
19. Landlord and Tenant Law
20. Constitutional Law
21. International Law
22. Land Law
23. Jurisprudence
24. Media and Entertainment Law

Participants shall be issued with paid certificate at the end of each course.


African Law Students’ Association (ALSA) is the premier law students association in Africa that unites law students and young lawyers within the African Continent. ALSA is duly incorporated and issued with a certificate of incorporation by the Registrar – General of Corporate Affairs Commission, Federal Republic of Nigeria.

For more details, visit the website at

Find the link here


Read the full statement by the Administrator of ALSA, Mr Ofodum C. C., made available to The Metro Lawyer (TML) news desk below…

The African Law Students’ Association (ALSA) School of Legal Studies practices Open and Distance Learning (ODL) Method or Open and Distance Education. It is flexible, affordable and at your own pace.

Our materials are prepared in ODL method too…very simple and summarized, unlike what you see in the conventional institution.

Our registration is a continuous process, our examination is also a continuous process. This means that one particular course can be examined 20 times in a year or more. Once we’re prepared, we set the exam.

Once the exam is set everyone, including the carry over students, are entitled to write.

ALSA School of Legal Studies uses international standards not local standards, so you should not expect what you see in your local institution here.

ALSA will soon offer all the Law courses in the world. If you’re observant enough, you should notice some of our courses are not offered by most of the institutions.

We’re ready to educate society on law courses offered by most institutions and the ones not offered.

For further enquiries, please send a mail to

Ofodum, C. C.,

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