A Former Sports Lawyer Helps Soccer Players Speak A New Language

A Former Sports Lawyer Helps Soccer Players Speak A New Language



Sara Duque is a former sports lawyer who has dedicated her life to teaching soccer players a new language.

Foreign players in the Premier League often look to English teachers to assist them with their transition to a new country, learning the language of the league being essential to successful communication on the pitch.

Duque, a Portuguese native with fluency in English, Spanish, German, and her mother tongue, is quickly gaining notoriety as one of the top English instructors in the Premier League.

Through a special formula, along with memory techniques, she’s able to teach the language at a considerably faster rate.

One of her prominent students happens to be Manchester City striker and World Cup winner, Julián Álvarez.

Praising his student’s progress in a short amount of time, Duque spoke publicly on Instagram about their work together.

She believes that in life, communicating effectively can help us navigate new cultures, form relationships, and solve problems.

The news of Duque’s incredible teaching method has reportedly sparked envy among the partners of Premier League players, being covered in the Argentine television program ‘Invasores’.

At the end of the day, Duque is doing what she loves.

Amplifying the communication between footballers and coaches is of the utmost importance; it will improve tactics, enable teams to make lightning-fast decisions, and help them achieve long-term goals.

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